Real Warm Winter Boots Will Save Your Feet This Winter

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The Need For A Good Pair Of Winter Boots

The reason for a good pair of winter boots is because your feet are farther from your heart than any other part of your body. So when it’s cold out, it’s very hard for your body to keep them comfortably warm.
winter boots

Winter boots will help reduce exposure to low temperatures, even a healthy person’s feet and hands will stay cold for a time, because the body turns off the blood flow to the extremities in order to keep the vital organs in the torso warm. Usually our feet do very well standing up to the cold but this is helped by wearing winter boots.

But, if the feet stay too cold for too long they can get frostbitten. In severe cases of frostbite, tissue actually dies and you can lose your toes.

Smoking and coffee drinking constrict blood vessels, so people with those habits often suffer from cold feet and hands and have a real need for winter boots.

If you are looking for a warm and comfortable pair of winter boots below is a link and information about bogs.

Bogs make a good boot even better, they are engineered to provide the ultimate durability and comfort to keep you warm, dry and comfortable all year round.  You can be an explorer through the city, over the fence and through the woods, for work and play you can go anywhere in comfort, these winter boots are 100% waterproof contoured to fit and built to last and they are guaranteed forever.

With Neo-tech insulation a four-way stretch inner bootie provides added cushioning and warmth, the Max-wick moisture wicking lining helps instantly disperse moisture away from the foot to stay dry and they are made from tough high quality rubber for maximum durability and protection.

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