Getting A Job In The HR Department

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Tips for Getting a Job in the HR Department

Human Resources is a department where a lot of people would love to work but other than doing a degree in business studies and hoping there’s a position out there when you complete it many people are unaware of the opportunities that are out there to get a job in an HR department and there really are a lot more than you think.

The easiest route that a lot of people dismiss is through your current employer. If you fancy a career change but you already have a stable job then voice your wishes to your employer because they will often offer you advice that you should take and follow in the hope of a job opening – that you could be put forward for – soon arising. If there are no jobs currently then you should still make sure your employer is aware of your career aspirations and make sure you don’t drop off the radar.

You should also use your initiative and look for any opportunities for you to take on additional responsibilities that will link to the HR department in some way. Whether it includes helping out with the payroll or organising interviews, if you can find a way that both your department and the HR department can share you and both benefit then it’s something that’s definitely worth looking into.

The traditional route into the job would obviously be to obtain the right qualifications and this is something that a lot of people choose to do; however, if you already have a stable job then you’ll probably benefit more from getting the job and then going on the appropriate courses and gaining the relevant certifications from a reputable training and education provider.

If there are any professional groups in your community then make sure you become part of them; a lot of job openings that arise are never even advertised and it’s all about who you know. Make sure you’re part of community groups along with a member of social media sites such as LinkedIn and search job boards that are specific to HR roles.

Look over your CV, particularly focusing on your education, previous employment and unique experiences that you may have had. You should tailor these to each prospective job role and outline the factors that qualify you for a HR position.

This shouldn’t just be something that you do for your current job; make sure you highlight you experience and qualification to your current employer because quite often they will only be able to associate you with your current job role and will struggle to picture you doing anything else in the company.

HR Qualifications

Although there are ways into a HR role without the necessary qualifications – this is generally only possible if you move into the HR department of your current employer – qualifications are priceless in the business world but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend three years studying for the relevant degree.

You could consider taking a short course in HR, going to evening school or taking unpaid leave from your job – most companies do offer this – and doing a HR internship.


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