How Will Recruitment Levels Change Sector By Sector In 2013?

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Recruitment Levels in 2013

The job market is under quite a lot of scrutiny at the moment because of the continuing struggle for growth in the British economy. Businesses are feeling the squeeze, but it’s wrong to assume that all sectors are on the verge of collapse. Companies are still recruiting and expanding and there are still opportunities for people to make forward steps in their professional careers.

Graduates are always under a fair amount of pressure to find work quickly because they are keen to hit the ground running when they emerge into the ‘real’ world of career choices. So what are the current trends in the job market? Which sectors appear to be growing in terms of recruitment and which appear to be shrinking?

The results may surprise some. Here we’ve presented them in three groups – those sectors that are predicted to see significant recruitment increases in 2013, those that are predicted to see some increases in 2013 and those that are predicted to see some decrease in 2013.

Large increase

The construction industry is predicted to see a great deal of change in 2013 with a likely increase in recruitment of around 78%. It will be followed by the transport and logistics sector (41%) and the energy and utilities sector (30%). Considerable positive change may also affect the business service and consulting sector and the IT and telecommunications sector.

This is arguably a sign that the UK will focus on domestic issues like housebuilding and infrastructure in the coming year to tackle problems that came as a result of the economic downturn. The energy sector offers plenty of opportunity while the relationship between business and IT continues to be productive.

Some increase

Some increase in recruitment is expected in engineering, manufacturing, retail, investment banking, fast moving consumer goods and the public sector. The service industry remains the largest industry in the UK and so it is likely to retain its health as far as the job market is concerned. It is hoped that it will show signs of growth too.

Some decrease

The most likely sectors that will suffer a decrease in recruitment levels in 2013 are accountancy and professional services, law and the banking and financial services sector, which could see as much as a 28% drop. Perhaps this is to be expected since these particular industries have been hit by problem after problem during the on-going economic uncertainty at home and in Europe.

It’s not all bad news though…..

These sectors will remain among the top markets for graduate recruitment so opportunities are still available.


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