Solar Fairy Lights

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Garden Fairy Lighting

Solar lighting has advanced quickly in the last few years with improvements in performance giving great lighting powered by nothing more than natural sunlight.

The two main factors that govern the performance of solar lights are the solar panels ability to capture sunlight effectively, and the quality of the batteries that then store the energy for use after dark.

How Solar Lighting Works

All solar lighting uses basically the same Read more

Business Coaching – From Stability To Growth For Small Businesses

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Business Coaching

Running your own business, depending on the size, can mean learning to be a Jack of all trades and inherent in that notion is the danger of becoming expert in none.  For small business owners managing (and on occasion micro-managing) every arm of their business while also finding time to conduct the crucial activity of growing the firm, can seem like an impossible Read more

Putting A Business Plan Into Practice

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Making a Business Plan Work

Management is a complicated job and it’s fair to say that even those carrying out the role don’t always know what it entails. For many, it is about putting together a strategy that will see the company thrive in the future. They may spend many hours drawing this up until they feel that every single aspect is absolutely perfect. Sadly for these people, that is only half the Read more

How Will Recruitment Levels Change Sector By Sector In 2013?

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Recruitment Levels in 2013

The job market is under quite a lot of scrutiny at the moment because of the continuing struggle for growth in the British economy. Businesses are feeling the squeeze, but it’s wrong to assume that all sectors are on the verge of collapse. Companies are still recruiting and expanding and there are still opportunities for people to make forward steps in their professional careers.

Graduates are always under a fair amount of pressure to find work quickly because they are keen to hit the ground running when they emerge into the ‘real’ world of career choices. So what are the current trends in the Read more

Getting A Job In The HR Department

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Tips for Getting a Job in the HR Department

Human Resources is a department where a lot of people would love to work but other than doing a degree in business studies and hoping there’s a position out there when you complete it many people are unaware of the opportunities that are out there to get a job in an HR department and there really are a lot more than you think.

The easiest route that a lot of people dismiss is through your Read more

Research Can Make Your Business A Success

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Research = Success

If you want your business to be a success you need more than a state of the art product. You’ll also need excellent marketing skills and be able to convey why your product is the best available and why it’s leading the market in terms of design and performance. And to do this you’ll need to keep in touch with current competitor products whist also keeping in touch with industry feeling about the products you are developing.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with developments in your field of expertise is to attend numerous exhibitions. Exhibiting at a conference or exhibition which specialises in your particular field can be extremely Read more

Top Three Biggest Offices In London

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The 3 Largest Office Buildings in London

When it comes to international business hubs, they don’t get much bigger than London.

Despite the current economic difficulties – still reverberating around the world – the city has continued to thrive, building new structures all vying to become the biggest offices in London.

Large financial heavyweights continue to occupy popular London office space in the like of Read more

Four Factory Floor Checks For Better Health And Safety

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Better Health and Safety

If you work on a factory floor then taking on the role of health and safety officer is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To do the job properly, you’ll need at least basic training that provides you with recognised health and safety qualifications. Once you’ve been trained you can keep abreast of any health and safety issues on your watch by performing these four checks Read more

5 Steps To Setting Up A Staff Suggestion Scheme

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Staff Suggestion Schemes

One simple idea can change the world, and in business, they are fundamental to driving a company forward. It’s no surprise then, that ideas suggestion schemes have been implemented by companies large and small the world over. Ricoh, HSBC, the UK Border Agency and the MOD are just a few of the companies who have realised just how invaluable harnessing the ideas of their employees can be.

Implementing suggestion schemes in the workplace is no small nod to Read more

Be Your Own Boss And Work At Home

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Start a Business and Work at Home

The idea of being your own boss, setting your own deadlines and arranging your own workload is hugely appealing to many people. More and more of us are considering either taking on another part time self-employed role in addition to our main job, or switching from a more traditional job so we can work at home.

It is of specific appeal to parents of young children or people who have retired from a full time job but who aren’t ready to Read more