Top Three Biggest Offices In London

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The 3 Largest Office Buildings in London

When it comes to international business hubs, they don’t get much bigger than London.

Despite the current economic difficulties – still reverberating around the world – the city has continued to thrive, building new structures all vying to become the biggest offices in London.

Large financial heavyweights continue to occupy popular London office space in the like of Canary Wharf and the City of London, whilst smaller technology companies are steadily setting up around the East’s emergent Tech City.

More excitingly for those that pass through London each day, the city has also seen the completion of The Shard – a spectacular structure that, for a time anyway, held the record for being the tallest building in Europe.

The Three Biggest Offices in London

The Shard

The Shard, located in Southwark, stands tall above the competition in what effectively resembles a police line-up – dominating the capital’s skyline.

It was officially opened in July last year.

Measuring 72 habitable storeys – around 1,016 ft – the building was born from the mind of celebrated Italian architect, Renzo Piano.

Somewhat notably, as well as offering London office space, the building also features a restaurant and a viewing section.

Like many modern London offices, The Shard is powered by a sophisticated energy system.

It primarily uses gas, which is in turn used to produce electricity.

However, during the conversion process the heat produced is utilised to provide The Shard with hot water.

One Canada Square

Pushed down into second place following The Shard’s completion, One Canada Square held the record for being the UK’s tallest building for just shy of two decades.

Widely seen as a symbol of Canary Wharf’s transformation from dock to financial hub, the building was designed by Argentinian American architect Cesar Pelli.

Probably more widely associated with the creation of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Pelli drew inspiration from the World Financial Center in Manhattan – one of his earlier structures – when he designed One Canada Square.

Although dwarfed by The Shard, One Canada Square measures an impressive 771 sq ft and also features 50 floors – many of which are used as London office space.

Heron Tower

Surprisingly, the UK’s next tallest building, Heron Tower, was completed in 2011 – possibly indicating that developers aren’t buying into the ‘bigger is better’ mind-set when it comes to London office space.

Instantly recognisable because of its 92 ft mast, Heron Tower stands 16 ft smaller than One Canada Square.

In addition to its visually impressive exterior, Heron Tower’s interior features the UK’s largest privately owned aquarium, which sits in its ultramodern reception area.


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