Home CCTV systems

Home CCTV systems

CCTV has been a common fixture in shops, pubs, car parks and other public places for years. Now, thanks to easier installation and falling prices, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners.

High-street electronics specialist Maplin says that between 2007 and 2008, its sales of home CCTV equipment jumped by 70% in some of the UK’s biggest urban areas.

When we surveyed 2,071 Which? online panel members in April 2009, just 2% said that their home had a CCTV system, while 9% told us that they were thinking about getting one. 82% of current or potential CCTV owners said that they use it or would use it to monitor the outside of their property, while 50% use it or would use it inside the house.


CCTV and privacy

If you’re thinking of getting a home CCTV system for the outside of your property, you must comply with privacy laws. This means making sure that your cameras aren’t pointed at public space or other people’s houses or gardens.

It’s a good idea to discuss any CCTV plans with your neighbours first – some Which? members told us that they share a system with their neighbours, which might be one way to cut down on costs.

CCTV is just one line of defence against crime, and works best when combined with other measures, such as door and window locks, keeping trees and foliage cut back, security lights and a burglar alarm. None of the insurance companies we contacted for our home insurance report currently offers a discount to customers with a home CCTV system.

Home CCTV and the Law UK Legislation.

Q.  My neighbour has installed a CCTV camera and it is pointing towards my house / garden.  Is this a breach of the Data Protection Act?

A.  If your neighbour’s camera is installed on their residential property and being used for their own personal domestic use, they are unlikely to be breaching  the Data Protection Act.  This is because the use of CCTV cameras for domestic security purposes is exempt from the data protection principles.  This applies when a person uses CCTV to protect their home from burglary, even if the camera overlooks the street or other areas near their home.

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