Mailroom Is The Hub Of Every Business

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Mailroom Solutions

The mailroom is like the human heart, with correspondence being the life blood of the organisation. As with the human heart it needs to run efficiently in order to maintain the flow of information, needed to keep the organisation functioning properly and is often the focal point of any business, and its layout and equipment should provide the necessary organizational capabilities that will keep your firm functioning at even the busiest of times.

To maintain a high level of productivity and service the mailroom should be given due consideration to enhance the overall efficiency of your business. Don’t make the mistake of believing that because the job gets done, that the mailroom is running at its maximum productivity.

The benches are the central component in the sorting, dividing and general organizing of a mailroom, and therefore a high quality Mailroom Equipment solution should always be integrated where possible.



Benefits of automated mailroom equipment:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Better use of staff resources
  • Better communication
  • Professional company image
  • Maximum cost cuttings
  • Increased security and control

If your mailroom is currently cluttered with mailbags, then it is likely that various important letters, invoices, etc could be going missing – which can have a dramatic impact on how your company is not only run, but perceived by its clientèle and staff.

Linnells Mailroom Supplies is the industry’s leading UK Manufacturer of mailroom equipment, bags, trolleys, sack holders and sort units. We supply the industry’s largest users such as Royal Mail, TNT, UK Mail and Secured Mail. Their UK manufacturing ability enables us to provide unbeatable lead times and flexibility to produce our customer bespoke product requirements.

Mailroom equipment such as sorting units trolleys and furniture are offered in both collapsible and rigid options for customer’s preference. All of which can be tailor made to your requirements.

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