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Set up a profitable blog

Blogging can be a highly lucrative process. There are however millions of blogs online, and the vast majority of them don’t make any money at all, let alone enough to live on. Creating a profitable blog requires a set of proven principles that will make any blog financially viable.

There is a basic set of blog set up guidelines that will ensure that your blog becomes a profitable blog rather than an expensive waste of time.

Create a Profitable Blog

  1. Choose a profitable niche
  2. Choose a Keyword rich URL
  3. Host your Blog online
  4. Install WordPress on your server
  5. Set up your Blog Design theme, styling etc
  6. Add WordPress Plugins for functionality

Once you have created your blog, it’s important to continue to add new, quality content to it on a regular basis, preferably daily in order to keep your blog current and topical.

Blogging on a daily basis has several main benefits for your blog.

The main search engines will get used to the frequency with which you post new content. If you ping your blog every time you post a new blog entry, then the search engines will visit, and as you develop a pattern of post quality and frequency, they will (after a while) return to your blog on a daily basis to retrieve your new content.

When the search engines begin to index your content within an hour or two of you posting it, then you know that you are making great progress.

Not only will you be ranked in search faster, but you will also begin to rank higher too, assuming that your blog content is of a suitable quality.

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