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Totting up ban is when you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of three years, you’ll be liable to be disqualified under the ‘totting-up’ system. This is shown on your licence as Totting up offence code: TT99.

Information on your driving entitlement and endorsements are sent to the courts and police on request.



Although penalty points remain on your licence for a minimum of four years, they only count for totting up purposes for three years.

If you receive 12 or more points in a three-year period, calculated for most offences from the date of offence to date of offence, you will be liable to an automatic disqualification or totting up ban.

The length of the disqualification will be at least six months; it will be at least 12 months if you have had a previous totting up disqualification within three years of the last offence.

Courts have discretion not to disqualify, or to reduce the period of disqualification but the law limits what the courts can take into account in mitigation:

  • no account can be taken of any circumstance which it is suggested lessens the seriousness of an offence
  • no account can be taken of any circumstance which has already been taken into account by a court within the previous three years and when the court either did not disqualify or reduced the disqualification period which would otherwise have been imposed
  • hardship will not be a ‘mitigating circumstance’ unless it is exceptional hardship

totting up ban


As with any other legal case you have the right to challenge the evidence you face. We are happy to assess any driving offence case. We will identify potential avenues of defence you may have which would lead to complete acquittal and avoid penalty points or disqualification.

Don’t let penalty points lead to your disqualification. We are ready to take your call and start your Driving Defence case today.

Can I Drive with 12 Penalty Points/ totting up?

Short answer is no…… you have been banned….. longer answer is that it can happen and you can make an exceptional hardship argument in court which if successful can let you keep your license even with 12 or more points.

For an answer to your questions about driving law, contact a leading totting up specialist and speak to an expert motoring solicitor.

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