Car Stone Chip Repairs

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Every vehicle no matter what age gets stone chips, they are an unavoidable problem. Generally stone chips are caused by day to day motorway and road driving by small objects like stones impacting on your vehicle.. The main areas where you would find stone chips are:

Stone Chips on Car Bonnets, Wings and Bumpers

The only 100% way to repair a stone chip perfectly would be to respray that particular panel. This is sometimes not cost effective when the vehicle in question is pebble dashed with them. And once sprayed you could drive home and pick them up all over again.

Stone chips and other minor damage looks unsightly once it begins to accumulate, especially on dark coloured car. But worse still, because the stone chips, scratches and scuffs have penetrated your paint, you car will be prone to rust. Once rust sets in it is very difficult to remove.

stone chip

Types of paint and touch-in kits.

In the vast majority of cases, modern cars have a type of paintwork called. A layer of primer is applied to the car, over this is applied a fairly thin base colour, which is the colour that you see.

Over the top of this is the Clear-Coat, which is a clear lacquer. Because there is such a thick coat of shiny lacquer over the base coat, there is no need for the base coat to have it’s own gloss, this is why often times it is supplied as a matt finish.

Paint Protection specialises in the supply and installation of vehicle Paint Protection Film, a super strength, clear urethane material. Designed to give your paintwork a lifetime of protection from stone chips, scratches and other abrasive markings, this film remains almost completely invisible.

Paint Protection Film has successfully penetrated the motor racing industry with the extensive supply of pre cut kits to many of the world’s most expensive race cars, including Formula 1 and the Le Mans Series. This market-leading product has now become extremely popular with privately owned road cars and track day vehicles, giving you the opportunity to protect your pride and joy with the very best.

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